Air - Gentle Flow A gentle flow open to all levels but especially beginners. This class is similar to a moving meditation. Slower movement and mindful attention will be paid to alignment. Modifications will be offered where needed. See when Air - Gentle Flow is offered Begin - Fundamentals of Yoga Starting at the very beginning, this class breaks down basic yoga postures, offers modifications, and moves slow enough so to allow time for everyone to make their way into a posture. This is class is open to all levels. See when Begin - Fundamentals of Yoga is offered Core Vinyasa flow class with a focus on strengthening everything from the shoulders to the knees. 75 Minutes. See when Core is offered Earth - Hot Yoga Hot yoga class featuring 26 postures – half standing and half on the mat. The room is heated to 98 degrees. Hydrate beforehand and during class. 90 minutes. See when Earth - Hot Yoga is offered Fire - Hot Power Vinyasa Flow An intense flow for those who want a great workout for the entire body. You will stretch and strengthen every major muscle group in your body and get a fabulous cardiovascular work out at the same time! Vinyasa flow offers a dynamic combination of strength, power, and balance. Heated to 90-94 degrees. See when Fire - Hot Power Vinyasa Flow is offered Heart - Alignment/Inspirational Flow This Anusara-inspired class combines grace, heart and flow with the science of optimal alignment. Using the philosophy of seeing the good in all people, this class allows students of all ages and experience levels to delight in this life-affirming practice. See when Heart - Alignment/Inspirational Flow is offered Life - Prenatal TYH's prenatal yoga offering. Life 60 is specially designed to prepare women for childbirth and the physical demands of motherhood. This class teaches strength, stretches, breathwork, and deep relaxation techniques. Our classes are open to healthy pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Please get approval from your doctor/midwife before attending class. No previous yoga experience needed. See when Life - Prenatal is offered Love- Baby & Mama Love 60 is fun and fitness with a family flare. Oriented towards mothers with infants or small children, this light-hearted but challenging class helps mothers stay fit and bond with Baby in a unique way. See when Love- Baby & Mama is offered Moon - Candlelight Yoga Gentle Flow A slow flow yoga class set to the backdrop of candlelight. A beautiful and peaceful way to end your day. See when Moon - Candlelight Yoga Gentle Flow is offered Power Hour One hour strong vinyasa flow. This class will move quickly through several sun-salutations, and attention will be focused on building strength and endurance. Not for beginners. See when Power Hour is offered Purpose - Donation-Only Our community-based "Purpose" class is offered weekly as a donation-only session intended to bring all levels of experience together to celebrate yoga under one roof. The Yoga House is committed to providing yoga to anyone interested in practicing and asks only for a pay what you will donation (minimum $5), an open mind, respect for our studio, and commitment to yoga as a practice. All proceeds go to a selected local charity/cause of the month. See when Purpose - Donation-Only is offered Restore - Restorative Yoga Restorative yoga utilizes props to support the body during postures and long holds to encourage the body to let go and ultimately find deep rest and relaxation within each posture. When the body feels nurtured and supported, openness naturally occurs and healing begins. This practice is great for people of all yoga levels and especially those suffering from chronic pain, injury, insomnia, and stress. See when Restore - Restorative Yoga is offered Rock - Dance Flow This refreshing twist to the traditional flow class will get the heart and the music pumping. Be prepared for a great time and an exhilarating workout! See when Rock - Dance Flow is offered Spirit - Jivamukti-style Awaken mind, body, and spirit in this Jivamukti-based practice. Jivamukti means "liberation while living," and our Spirit 75 class combines flow asana with meditation, , breath, chanting, music, and yogic philosophy for a physically and intellectually stimulating class. Spirit 75 inspires us to bring yoga beyond the mat and into our daily lives. See when Spirit - Jivamukti-style is offered Sun - Start Your Morning Right! 60 Minutes of sun salutations. Uplifting vinyasa flow to start your day off right. See when Sun - Start Your Morning Right! is offered Water - Basic, All-level This entry-level class is ideal for newcomers and anyone interested in getting back to the basics of yoga practice. Water 60 is a flow class offered with a little less heat and intensity than other classes. The pace of the flow is a little slower to allow poses and transitions to be broken down and explained. Teachers will focus on alignment, breathing, and fun! See when Water - Basic, All-level is offered Wind - Mixed-level flow class This faster-paced flow class is open to all levels. Move with the breath through a series of sun salutations and both standing and seated postures. Modifications will be given for newer students, and opportunities to move deeper into more challenging postures will be available for advanced students. See when Wind - Mixed-level flow class is offered Yin - Deep Stretch, Powerful Transformation Find balance in a mostly Yang – fast, hard, aggressive – dominated world with a slow, quiet, cool Yin yoga practice. Yin asana reaches deeper than the superficial and muscular tissues of the body to stimulate the often neglected deep connective tissues, ligaments, bones and joints. These deep stretching poses are held for several minutes, leading to powerful transformations. See when Yin - Deep Stretch, Powerful Transformation is offered
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